Join us as a uNivUS mini-app developer!  

Calling all aspiring student developers!

Keen to try your hand at creating useful mini-apps for your peers?

Your views and ideas would help build a comprehensive library of development tools for you and your fellow developers.

As an app which aims to be created for students by students, a strong mini-app framework is key to the vision for uNivUS.

What is this about?

  • Conceptualise and develop an app which you think will be useful for your fellow students, using the uNivUS mini-app framework. You can work solo or in a team.  
  • Provide inputs on what tools you would like to see the mini-app development framework.
  • Host your app in uNivUS and share it with the NUS community! 
Why with uNivUS? 
  • Help make your peers’ NUS experience even better! Your app could potentially also benefit staff and alumni users, depending on its application.  
  • Potentially tap on the uNivUS user base of students, alumni and staff to better test-run your app idea and hone your programming skills.
  • Feedback from our team when we test your app.
  • Periodic analytics report to view usage and performance so as to plan for enhancements to your mini-app.
  • E-banner in uNivUS to publicise the launch of your mini-app.
  • Acknowledgment on our website as a uNivUS mini-app developer.
What skills do I need?
In order to start working comfortably, you must LOVE coding. Other required skills include: 
  • Dart language (for Flutter Web, version 3)
Any other skills which are good to have?
Beside building for the backend, you would also need to design the front-end of the mini-app for your users. Familiarity with these will be an advantage
  1. Design tool (example: Figma, Adobe photoshop, GIMP, etc)
  2. HTML (for web development)
  3. React JavaScript, CSS and .NET (for web development)
How can I apply or find out more?

If you are keen to developing a mini-app for uNivUS, please complete this online form and we will get in-touch with you soon. 


If you are unsure about the skills needed, or have any other queries, feel free to contact us at 

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