Guide to download and login to uNivUS

What is uNivUS? 

uNivUS is the gateway app uniting NUS individuals and resources.

Connect to key NUS services and experiences to personalise and enhance your alumni experience. 


How to download uNivUS app?  

uNivUS is available for download on both App Store and Google Play. 

You may also scan the QR code to download the app. 

If another user has logged in with their credentials, clear login details of the previous user by following these steps:

First, select “NUS Staff and Student” or “NUS Alumni” to log in 

(For Alumni, please log in with your NUS Alumni Lifelong Email. If you need assistance, please click here.)

For Android users:

  • At the top right, tap on 
  • Next, tap on “History” and then tap on “Clear browsing data” 
  • Change “Time range” to “All time” and tap on “Clear data” at the bottom right of the page

For iOS users

  • From home screen, Select “Settings” then “Safari
  • At the bottom of Safari’s settings, Select “Clear Cookies and Clear Cache
  • Confirm when prompted


If you have further queries,

please email us at